Floral, Fruit Salad, Winkle Picker....

...are just 3 of the words used to describe this outfit! I never, ever wear coloured shoes, but I found these in the back of the wardrobe, and remembered how much I loved them...plus, they're a kitten heel which is enjoying a slight resurgence about now. Trendy and already mine? Result!
Unfortch, I had a rather large glitch with my fake tan and as such, orange feet. I tweeted that I felt like a fruit salad sweet in these shoes....too much obnoxious orange and pink!!
Jacket: Miss Selfridge, Tee: Whistles, Trousers: H&M, Bag & Belt: Vintage, Shoes & Glasses: Topshop

I've had a lovely few days off work, don't want to go back :( I am a little excited though as me and the Boy have half booked our London Excursion (we have the hotel, but no means of getting there, yet..!) So at least I have that to look forward too! And a busy week ahead so I shall try to stay on form with the blogging! I am super tired today since some random people were fighting outside the flat last night for hours and you could hear everything. Zzzzzzz.
Hope you've had a good day folks! I actually managed to sort my passport out today (photo=hideous, but aren't they always!) and I also managed to avoid having a thrombo at the price! (just!)

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LAB said...

Very lovely blog!
I will follow you..

x Jenny


Lyndsey said...

LOVE the extentions doll! you look amazing!

6roove said...

fantastic blazer!

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