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I did a little theme dressing today for the dentist and then casting my vote at the polls (what to wear!) So I went for a smarter look than usual for my day off. The boy said I looked 'very grown up' which I liked actually I do think I should be dressing my age from time to time!

Mac: Sainsburys, Top: River Island, Trousers: Topshop, Clogs: Jones Bootmaker

I could not wait to wear my new clogs so on they went. They then got soaked as I dashed from the car to the dentist, argh, that is so typical! Luckily they have dried out just fine!
I have been wearing these Topshop trousers a lot just lately, if I could describe them in one word it would be 'easy.' They look so chic (in my opinion!) with everything and I roll up the hem usually to add a bit of interest, the gold buttons are a nice touch too. They are from the Topshop Boutique range which I always think produces quirky and fun, but wearable, pieces.

And off I went to vote! I wonder what the outcome will be! I suppose by tomorrow morning we will all know for sure!
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Couture said...

Lovely outfit! The trenchcoat is gorgeous!

Paint it Black said...

Great outfit and the clogs are awesome such a great shape loving the long hair xoxo

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