Work, Work....

Just another day at work for me today! I went out on my lunchbreak and ended up paying a quick visit to Topshop, to check out their sale. As I said before, I used to go wild in the aisles when the sales were on, but I've completely become 'over' the high street at the moment! I don't think it helps that I live in a fairly small town so every other girl is wearing Topshop/New Look/some combination of the two. However I did want to get some new underwear in the sale as I really like Tophop undies, and I was lucky and managed to find some!

Jacket and Blouse: Quiksilver, Harem Trousers: Topshop, Boots: ASOS

I also ended up buying a top that I'd seen in there previously which was half price and some bloomer shorts which are navy with buttons up the front that I think I'll get a lot of wear from. I will fill in all the proper details in my next post! You may wonder why I am posting twice tonight, well, this will be because I have another busy Saturday tomorrow, what with work all day and watching a band in the evening, so I think the chances of me squeezing in a post will be slim! Just to warn you!

Have a lovely weekend!
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