I haven't missed a post for ages, so what do I go and do yesterday!? Miss a post of course. Basically, my timetable yesterday ran as follows:
7.00am-wake up
8.00am-leave for work with the Boy
9.00am-start work
5.30pm-finish work
5.40pm-meet the Boy after he finished work
6.00pm-leave house to attend Dance Awards Medal Presentation
10.00pm-arrive back in hometown, head straight to local bar to see Boy's flatmate's band playing (very good.)
11.23pm (approx)-arrive back at homestead and wait for previously mentioned flatmate to arrive back avec band, we then plan to go out in town.
12.00am-realised a) they might not be coming back, b)we both have sniffles, c)3 hours of dancing and one SoCo and Lemonade has pretty much finished me, d) bed seems so appealing.
12.10am-night night.
12.11am-realise have not written blog. Consider getting up to write post.
So as you can see, there was limited time available to post as usual, but I shall make it up today with not one, nay, but TWO shiny outfit posts for you to squizz at. Wheeee!
So this outfit was Saturdays work look, which consisted of the following:
Dress:Quiksilver, Jacket: Topshop, Shoes: Topshop, Scarf: Primark. (Cardigan and Shoes in other photo's: Topshop.)
There's a lot of Topshop going on with me at the moment, but what can I say, sometimes a girl needs some Topshop.
I made the mistake of wearing my hair in a quiff all day so when I came to take it down in the evening it looked like I'd been at the bendy rollers and it frizzed out all over, the boy termed it 'flopsy' which I think is a polite way of stating 'bloody awful' but of course he would never say that even if he thought it. Which when he reads this he will say he didn't. And this is one of the many reasons I love him :)
Also today I saw my first naked torso of the season, yes, that's right, the sun's out, so the British public are shedding their clobber with wild abandon. Note: We are not in Magaluf, so please, do me a favour and shirt UP, scary nude torsoed males. It was like shooting season in the shop, we were practically keeping a tally as they walked past (which we do, with those god-awful market fleeces, you know, the wolf ones) but that's another post entirely.
I was cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon, which is of course another splendid facet of the British summertime, who could guess what the temperate climes of our fair Isle will bring over the 8 hours of the working day. Ah well, keeps me on my toes I suppose. Speaking of which, I am off for a pedicure, cause if this weather holds up, I shall be donning the sandals with wild abandon. And there is but nothing wrong with that.
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