Tummy Ache And Exclusive Gigs...

Well! I was blimming freezing today, making the mistake of wearing too little clothes, thinking the weather would be warmer than it was. Brr! The upshot of this was that I scoffed my tea far too quickly (it was hot, I was cold) and giving myself tummyache. Owieeeee!

Before the Tum Trauma kicked in, I did get to watch a supersmooth slice of acoustic loveliness from a very cool band, 80% of whom are exceptionally tall, and the remaining 20%, particularly handy with a harmonica. They have stripped back their usual room-swelling sounds to a gentle and rather kicky acoustic vibe, accompanied (for one night only) by the Boy on a mandolin, all in aid of Record Store Day which is this Saturday (google it.) Whilst you're there, google the band too: Baltic Sirens are their name, and claiming your ears their game. They're on Twitter too so do a spot of sleuthing, it'll be worth it.
Back to me, though, argh, I was struck down royally by the most nasty tummy ache ever, but have recovered now thanks to a) much brilliant and lovely looking after from the Boy, whose care methods included the following: a Jurassic Park pillow, a Mickey Mouse Jumper, An 'A' mug, a Meerkat, a hot water bottle, and plenty of cuddles, and b) Border Control Cops on the TV. (Well, my SATC obsession has to be replaced with something.)

Here are my latest Outnet Purchases...Zoes's Tees tank, and Jonathon Aston tights, which I wore today...uber comfy!
Tunic (worn as blouse) Quiksilver, Skirt: Quiksilver, Scarf: Primark, Belt: Primark, Ring: Primark, Tights: Jonathon Aston, Boots: Topshop.
I had a thought about my blog today. I am considering making some changes to it, maybe making it a little less full of my outfit posts, and a little more full of stylings and inspirations and fashion news, so it becomes more like an online 'zine with articles rather than just me, me, me! I'm not sure though....would love to know what you all think....!
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Paint it Black said...

The weather is teasing us at the moment it has been so cold these last couple of day. Fab outfit hun love the tan belt with the skirt.

I have started to do less outfit posts I found it was too much pressure everyday and my work outfits are not that inspiring at the moment because I cant wear them how I want. I say give it ago xoxo

amie k said...

I think I tend to agree with you...I spend all my time on outfit posts when really I want to concentrate more on other bloggers and fashion blogs, exciting fashion news, things like that. I reckon I will do some research and make some changes soon! I loved your 'ugly duckling' shoe post-thats the sort of thing I'm aiming to do too. Also now desperately want some 'ugly duckling' shoes! xoxo

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