Sharp Edges.....

I have been wearing a lot of pastels, nudes and sugary colours just lately but sometimes I feel like getting back into black. The weather was not so nice today (well, it was chilly this morning!) so out came my ancient black skinnies! I paired them with a silk mix blouse to avoid the look becoming too gothic, but mixed up the texture of the look with the leather jacket and chiffon scarf.

Jacket, Jeans, & Shoes: Topshop, Blouse: Quiksilver, Necklace: Bay, Ring: Rachel Leigh, Scarf: Alexander McQueen

I spent most of my day on my mobile phone trying to win £400 on the my-wardrobe Facebook competition. You had to write why you deserved to win the money to spend on the site every hour for your chance to win. So I tried rhymes, a fashion cv, begging, pleading, outlining what I would do with everything I no avail. Oh well-I'm sure the 9 winners were deserving! In any case my desire for a prize was placated this evening when I won another Benefit lippy on the Flake promo. I can see how this is heading-I'll have a perfectly made up face, and a big fat gut! I chose a lipgloss this time in a pretty peach shade. How lovely to win something! I've won twice now so get on it girls, I reckon the lippies are there for the taking!

So tomorrow my car is due its MOT, then I shall be seeing a very special friend of mine, then back to the Boy's in the evening for football and maybe a curry :) So I think it will be a nice day off tomorrow! Then I can start figuring out my finances, I am hoping to pay off my credit card in full at the end of May so I will have no debt, whoop! Then I can start planning my key summer purchases. The spring items I still hope to get are my Jones clogs (so late I know, but I think I will wear them all summer long too. And since speaking to a dear friend of mine, Lina, who also has them, I am even more determined to get them!) Also I still want to buy a Pringle bag I've seen and a couple of other pieces.
Speaking of my friend Lina, she has a gorgeous blog called, which is full of loads of smashing beauty tips and tricks, as well as product reviews. One product I'm considering purchasing is a shampoo by the LA Science brand, which claims to make your hair grow quicker. I so want to believe this is true, but my cynical side tells me that it can't possibly work! Can it?! Answers on a postcard please!
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Paint it Black said...

I find myself always going back to black great outfit love the scarf. lol about the flake thing perfect face big gut so funny. Sorry to hear you did not win you should of done just for the effort you put in.

Thank for your sweet words about yesterdays post xoxo

Unknown said...

Love this outfit. It's simple but chic.

I saw you liked "Clocked Fashion's" DIY Miu Miu heels - just thought I'd share my DIY Miu Miu tights with you:


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