Sandal Time....

Wet hair going on in this morning's outfit shots, so 80's! Since I am growing my hair out I am trying to stop the heat damage as much as I can (ergo, making my hair grow quicker and faster, well, thats the idea. It is also the reason I have sidestepped my extensions for all but the most important nights out!)

I actually wore my Quiksilver Heart sandals today and forgot to take a picture, but I will do this later, promise! I started off with these ASOS cut out shoe boots which have an oh-so-now medium heel...maximum comfort=nothing better in a heel, says I!

Shirt: Primark, Dress: Quiksilver, Boots: ASOS, Ring: Primark, Belt: ASOS.
I really must sort out my jewellery tonight as I have so much but wear the same pieces in rotation, I think because I have so much buried in boxes about my house, soooo need to sort it through. Job for after my exercise DVD which I will deign to do this evening as I am otherwise unoccupied and have no viable alternative excuse for missing it!
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Paint it Black said...

I hate growing hair out. Love todays outfit great layered look. Look forward to seeing your Quicksilver sandals xoxo

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