Glasses: Primark, Jacket: Bay, Cami: Quiksilver, Dress: Quiksilver, Shoes: Topshop, Belt: Vintage.
I bought these extremely geeky specs from Primark for £1 yesterday and I am a little in love with them, despite making me look a little like some old Coronation Street character, I think they're too cute for words! I wanted to wear this very Kane-esque tablecloth check dress today, it is a bandeau and sometimes not all that flattering so I layered a cami over it for a different look.
I am waiting patiently for the Topshop sale to start, I'm sure it's usually a couple of weeks after the Topman one so I am hoping it will be any day. I don't know why really as there is nothing I particularly need except a parka jacket, I love sales though, maybe it makes spending money feel less guilty! I have to pay for my MOT first though so I shan't be going wild in the aisles, much as I would like to. I got my lovely tan leather charity shop boots back from the cobblers today, they are all fixed up which is great as I am planning to wear them a lot in this transitional period between spring/summer when all we seem to get is a lot of wind/rain. My earmuff headphones have proved an invaluble purchase as not only have they provided me with an outlet for my cool music on my cool new ipod (!) they also stop my earache in its tracks-I always suffer with it when it is windy!
Also I have now subscribed to Vogue (got a very good offer) and have been reading that today-I love it but have to admit I am an Elle girl, I have always been loyal to Elle and whilst Vogue is a good read I feel I relate more to the Elle content. But I'll look at the pictures in both! :) Where do you guys stand on fash mags? Which do you favour?
I'm still holding off on a pair of clogs as well, the Topshop ones I like are still sold out and I begrudge paying almost 3 times the price on eBay. So we'll see!
I am absolutely exhausted today, I got a workout dvd the other day to use at home, I used to dance 4 nights a week and do aerobic classes too but I have other priorities now...well, truth be told I would rather spend time with the Boy than the gym...:) so anyway I thought I'd try this fitness dvd which is all dance based anyway, so right up my street. It took an hour last night and I can hardly move today-I had got more unfit than I thought! Or maybe it was a case of too much easter indulgence! Oh well-I'm getting set for summer...tan..tick..toned legs...(half)tick...!
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