Drapes 'n' Drainpipes....

Well! Easter is finally over, and as I've eaten my bodyweight in chocolate, hot cross buns, and other such delicacies, I thought it would be a good idea to wear skinny jeans today...ha!
Cardigan: Quiksilver, Blouse: Quiksilver, Jeans: Quiksilver, Brogues: Topshop, Scarf: Primark, Ring: Primark, Necklace: Bay.

I haven't had time to blog properly in ages really, I have always been just about to go out/watch a film/have tea/etc etc so tonight I am going to endeavour to write a proper post! I have been working today (bah!) but managed to pop out to Primark to pick up a nice pair of geeky specs for £1 (yay) and also a pot of anti-wrinkle cream (needed, haha) which is the new L'oreal Youth Code, which I have bought after trying a sample, which was actually really nice. I have been using a Clarins day cream but since my car needs an MOT this month I couldn't afford £37 on skincare, sadly, as it is probably the best I've used. Oh well, hopefully the L'oreal will do the trick..!
My outfit today was inspired by the draping that has been popular at the moment, I've seen a lot on the Burberry catwalks and this has filtered down to the high street nicely. I love this Quiksilver cardigan and I think it looks cute with the blouse and skinny jeans, the brogues smarten it up too and make the look a little more edgy. Well, that's what I was going for!

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Paint it Black said...

Love the skinny jeans on you they look fab. Cant wait to see you wearing the geek glasses great price too. I was working today too cashing in the the BH pay :)xoxo

Lucy said...

love the scarf; your hair looks great here too!


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