Boots For Walking....

I love these cream ruffle shoes...they were a present from special friends of mine. I posted about it when they gave them to me, they meant so much.

Hat: Primark, Blouse: Quiksilver, Belt: Vintage, Harems: Topshop, Watch: Vintage, Earrings: Topshop Courts: Topshop (gift from friends).

I have a 10 minute or so walk to work every morning from the carpark so I usually wear a flat shoe to do the walking. In this months Vogue there were some street style shots and there was a very stylish lady wearing desert boots with cropped trousers, so I took inspiration from this and dug out my vintage desert boots to give the look a go. I liked it!

My scarf here is Primark. This whole look says, "Sienna Miller" to me so much! But thats ok, I quite like her, though I do find her style has become a little staid just lately. She's too comfortable being boho! But then I suppose, that's who she is!
I really like her and her sister Savannah's line, Twenty8Twelve, though it is quite expensive for what you get. I think she has done well with it, though probably better than she would have done if she wasn't famous in the first place. Oh well, who am I to judge?!
I had a little delivery from the Outnet today, I splurged on a Zoe's Tees tank top (pretty slubby grey, basic but will go with everything.) Also I picked up some Jonathon Aston tights for £3 (the quality is so much better.) As I get older I find that I am leaning towards more expensive designer purchases that work hard for their money, rather than 'scattergun shopping' and just buying loads of random items on a whim. I mean, Primark is great for an instant outfit update, and some of their pieces are so directional for the price, it is unreal. And I never knock Primark for accessories-their hats and sunglasses are among the best I've seen this season. But their basics are crap-or so I've found-the tees and vests just twist as soon as you wash them. But I suppose that's why they're £2.5o.
So yes! The credit crunch has changed me I suppose. I started this blog because I wanted an outlet for all things cheap cheap cheap, to share ideas and find bargains. And I think I have learned that price isn't everything, and that I am going to be much more picky with what I buy, going forward.
I have a really decent wardrobe with a lot of great pieces in it, and now I am looking to buy investment items to really supplement it. I am considering making one 'investment' a month, and building up a collection of great items that way. I am going to try and be much more selective on the high street, and stop being price-blinded. We'll see how that pans out!

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