April Showers.....

I was at my mums for a little bit today so I got her to take some photos for me, she loves doing that, bless her!

Hair Flower: Vintage (cut off a vintage dress) Jacket: Topshop, Dress: eBay, Scarf: Primark, Brogues: Topshop, Ring: eBay.

The boy and I are going to watch a local band tonight so I wanted to wear something stylish (well, it is friday night!) but watching bands always involves a lot of standing around so I went for the flat shoe option.
I also bought some new trainers today which is bizarre for me but I needed some new ones for dance, I was going to get some proper street dance shoes with the split soles but they were £50 which was more than I wanted to spend really. I found some kids Lonsdale trainers in a local sports shop which only cost £15 and are perfect for what I want them for really as they are pretty soft and bendy. I also bought some new tracksuit bottoms, as I always find I trip up over the flared ones as they're always so long, so I managed to get some cuffed ones which will be perfect. Sports shops are a completely new shopping experience for me, I never realised how busy they are, and how hot! And there is stuff everywhere, I don't think they're that fussed about merchandising but oh well...I got the bargains I wanted!
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Couture said...

Beautiful outfit!


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