Well, This Is Embarrassing....

Ok, so I harped on about my Credit Crunch Challenge, and how I was soooo going to be able to go for a month without spending a penny on unnecessary luxuries, and today (a bit of a down day, I'll be honest) I stopped to think: Why am I depriving myself of doing something I love? To save a bit of money? To prove a point? I'm not sure. But what I do know is, it was a pointless exercise, because ALL I have thought about over the last few days is shopping and new things and what I want to buy. I don't even want to buy anything per se, I just don't like not being able to at all!
So I have decided, with head held high, that I'm going to quit whilst I'm ahead, and stop punishing myself. I'm a fashion blogger...shopping limitations aren't natural for our kind.
And thats that. I'm off the wagon....and it feels like a weight has been lifted already :)
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