Why is it that whenever you start to save for something, or think, 'oh, I'll spend a little less money, stop buying non-essentials,' etc, as I am trying to do, you make a ridiculously expensive error. In my case, it involved my camera (RIP) and a hard floor. Yes, I dropped my lovely, expensive, new camera (lens out) and have royally stuffed it. Bummer.

Luckily, my brother who is very into photography had this one kicking about, which should really be used with a tripod, but since I'm not that technical, I've resorted to the usual mirror picture style. And this morning I saw my dad and he had (bless him) dug out a camera he doesn't use which I can use in the meantime, so my blog posts won't be completely photo-free. Phew! While we are on the topic of cameras, can anyone recommend me a good one? Not too expensive, and I have got a tripod now so it can be one that would be suitable to use with that. Ideas?

Anyway, back to the outfit: today I woke up in a vile mood, since I have been stressing about my camera, and had a spot on my face from it and a very disturbed sleep last night, but I threw on this stripey dress and suddenly felt a lot better. I love the beige and cream stripe and the jersey is quite thick. I wore it with another dress over the top, this time a denim number from Next, which I wore open like a shirt.
The jacket is vintage and is a drop shoulder leather number, very Alexander Wang I thought, hope you like too! It cost me a tenner from a thrift shop :)

Jacket: Vintage, Denim Shirt Dress: Next, Chain Belt: Topshop Stripy Dress: Quiksilver Woman, Tights: Dorothy Perkins, Boots: Present from the Boy.
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heartshapedbruise. said...

Ooh dear, not good about your camera - & you're right, it is bloody typical!
At least you've got a couple of alternatives to work with for the meantime, it could be worse (keep reminding yourself of that!)
Love this outfit today - the combo of the denim & the stripes is a winner :) I also love me a dress with pockets! Strange as that may sound..


Paint it Black said...

oops sorry to hear about your camera I think us fellow bloggers we totally understand how tragic this is a lot of non bloggers would not understand the fuss.

OK spooky I too wore a stripey tee dress how funny. Love the thifted jacket and your belt rocks too, really enjoy seeing your outfits of stuff that you already own and well done on day two of no purchases obviously the purchase of a new camera does not count xoxo

I have a Panasonic Lumix camera but deep down I wished I had got a Nixon or Cannon I recommend taking time to choose one.

amie k said...

Luckily I shall be able to take my time to pick a new camera as I can use my brothers in the meantime as he does not use it, which is really good, as I am rubbish with knowing what is good/what isn't. Also my boyfriend is good with camera's so I'm hoping he will help me to choose a new one.
Thankyou for your lovely comments too I love to read them xoxo

Fashion Princess said...

Is that a gold sequined skinny belt? I can't tell! I love fashion too!

amie k said...

hi Fashion Princess! It's a gold chain belt-very cute I think!xoxo

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