Total Weather Misjudgement....

I had to take my photo's in the grotty work back room again, as I was a bit pushed for time this morning! Oh well...hope you get the idea!

As you may gather from the title of this post, I totally got caught out with the weather today...from sitting in the kitchen at the boy's with a nice cup of tea and the sun streaming in, I thought, ahh, ballet pump time. WRONG!

By the time I walked to my car, I was freezing. The fact that it was covered in ice only served to annoy me more! How deceptive of the weather :(

Anyway...I wore this dress which I love and layered a plaid shirt over the top. The leggings did keep my legs warm, but it was my little feet that suffered...

Apologies for the white blobs...there was something on the mirror....

Trench: Tu, Scarf: Primark, Dress: Quiksilver Woman, Blouse: Quiksilver Woman, Belt: Vintage (think it belongs to one of my friends, can't remember buying it...!) leggings: H&M, Ballet Pumps: Topshop (brr).
Did you all enjoy the sun today? Hope you kept warmer than me :)
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Paint it Black said...

The weather is a pain at the moment the sun was so bright this morning but like you said it was freezing. Great outfit and the ballet pumps worked so well worth being cold for. xoxo

Lina said...

Great outfit. Pretty white dress! xxx

Paint it Black said...

I really enjoy your outfit posts I have left an award for you on my blog xoxo

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