Only £1....

Cardigan: Topshop, Blouse: Vintage, Leather Trousers: Topshop, Boots: Vintage, Bag: Vintage Gucci, Necklace: Bay, Cuffs: Primark.

I love Sundays. The boy and I had quite an early night after we went to see Alice last night (which, may I say, was amazing...the boy enjoyed it too, though he felt there was something 'missing' that he couldn't quite figure out...the effects were fantastic though, and I'm already planning events to which I can wear a chainmail bodysuit avec tumbling curls..) So yes of course a Sunday lie in was called for, Friends on repeat and a bit of the Ellie Goulding cd...lovely stuff. As if that wasn't enough, it is such a gorgeous day today as well!

I'm posting a bit earlier than usual today as I have quite a lot to do, Sundays for me are always my 'catch up' day to sort out everything I haven't been able to do in the week. On the agenda for today is a house-tidy-up, bathroom and car clean, mountain of washing, and ironing city to attend to, plus I have to pay a few bills, boringtons! Still it has gotta be done :)

Today I based my outfit around these fur lined boots which I found in a vintage shop on Saturday morning (I had to go to the post office for work and I spotted these on the way past...!) They were on top of a gondola of undesirable garments, shining out like a vintage beacon of fabulousness. And they were only a POUND! What can you buy for a pound these days hey!? Certainly not a barely-worn pair of lovely soft leather boots. I was very happy with them :) Despite the recent cold temps, the sun has been breaking through so I wanted to wear these today because I'm sure I will have to shortly put them into storage for winter ( which is :(/:) depending on how you look at it). I paired them with these Topshop leather look trousers to give them an edgy vibe, but then brought it back to daywear with the longline cardigan and vintage blouse. My vintage Gucci finishes off the look. A very Vintage affair, today!
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heartshapedbruise. said...

I was looking at your pics wondering what it was going to be that only cost £1 - I certainly wouldn't have thought it was those gorgeous boots - wow! Great buy :)

Dani B said...

I agree!! I would love to know where theses amazing vintage shops are you lucky thing to have them in your area! There are none where I am !!

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