Neutral Day....

My day was 'neutral' today in outfit and events! Nothing much happened really but sometimes that's nice. I still feel like I'm paying for my late/long weekend so it has been nice to not have too much to do. Though work is enough! The highlight of the day was being followed to work by the Boy, I didn't see him until the last minute and it was a lovely way to start my day!
Jacket: Stella McCartney, Tee: Quiksilver, Skirt: New Look, Belt: Primark, Necklace: Vintage, Over Knee Socks: Primark, Boots: ASOS.

I couldn't find any tights this morning so I ended up having to wear footless tights, then I was freezing so I chucked over-the-knee socks over them. This warmed me up, plus I think it looks quite cute!
The high waisted bodycon skirt is from New Look, I have noticed that the bodycon trend seems to be on its way back in and also have noticed a micro-trend for jersey/tube maxi dresses, I think they look so chic but I'm not sure if I can pull it off!
I made a new work-uniform purchase today as well, I got a lovely cobalt blue knitted ladderback dress by Quiksilver Woman. It will look gorgeous with a tan belt and pretty shoes. I'm sure you will be seeing it soon!

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Couture said...

Love your Stella McCartney jacket!


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