Morning Sun/99% No Black.........

Right, today I madeit my mission to NOT wear any black! I have been trying to get into the spring mood and when I wok up this morning at the Boys it was supernice with the sun streaming in. So I decided it was time to get on the spring wardrobe!

It was still a little cold in the wind though...this outfit transpired after I had pretty much all but got ready in a completely different, more 'military' esque look, but I changed my mind at the last minute..I'm so fickle!

I have become obsessed with wrist corsages at the moment, do you ever find that you might wear one thing one day and then you can't seem to stop wearing it?! I stacked up 3 different blooms for a bigger statement. Carrie herself wears an accessory similar to a wedding in SATC so it must be a winner :)

I pinned up my hair today as well, mainly because it was cracking me up and I wanted it off my face. I think it looks ok...pity about my massive slaphead, haha! :(

Today's look was based on a mix of Nude trends, Military styling (with the top) and pastels. The jacket is about a million years old, I bought it from Pilot when I used to work there eons ago. I love the shape of the collar and the oversize buttons.

Jacket: Pilot, Blouse: River Island, Harems: Topshop, Shoes: Topshop, Bag: Chanel, Corsage: Primark.

Hope you like! What trends will you be wearing for spring?
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Anonymous said...

Love the shoes :)
Beautiful look...

Paint it Black said...

Looking good hun. I know what you mean about finding something and wearing it all the time I am like that with my large cross at the moment.

Spring trends I want to rock sports and florals but I am too fickle I have not really invested in any clothes at the moment not sure which way I want to go. I normally buy everything I see and end up wearing none of it this year I am being a bit more thoughtful xoxo

Looking forward to tomorrows outfit :)

KathyGale said...

I DID see you today! :O I LOVE your outfit, it looks even better in person! I think your hair pinned back and mum talking at me was a distraction from thinking it was you and saying 'hi'. :D LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit! :) xx

amie k said...

Aww, where did you see me Kathy! Sorry, sometimes when I'm walking along on my own I get right in the zone and ignore everything around me! Hope you're ok love! xxxxxxx

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