Lots Of Layers.........

Well, I am still struggling with the transitional weather at the moment. I am longing to wear some really high summer things...I've got my eye on a gorgeous white floaty Quiksilver dress, a silk parka, and some taupe wedge boots...maybe next payday...!

Cami: Quiksilver, Long Sleeve: Topshop, Belt: Present, Harems: Topshop, Boots: ASOS, Bangles: Primark.

This was an attempt to stay warm but still look vaguely summery...I like to layer this cami over the long sleeve as that adds warmth and a bit of interest.

The boots are my ASOS ones which I've worn a lot, they're so comfy despite being so high and I was pleased to see them featured in the Elle High Street Supplement this month! I love it when that happens!
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sarah said...

ohhh I love this outfit! Those pants are soo cute :) ♥


Lina said...

Comfy AND high? Are yours a size 3, you know what's coming next; are their size 3's small size 3's? And linkage please, I may just blatantly copy you and buy some too! xoxo

Emma - J - R said...

aww i want your shoes hehe

Paint it Black said...

Those boots rock and they look fab teamed with the trousers xoxo

I'M THAT CHIQ said...

Cute harempants

amie k said...

Thanks everyone for all your comments!

Lina! Go for it girl, you MUST get these boots, they are the highest boots I own but they have a concealed platform at the front and then an actual platform as well so they're a dream to wear. I actually got a 4 in them as I thought they came up small and as they are a peep toe the 3 pinched my toe a bit, so I went bigger, the 4 are a little big in the front but I hate uncomfy shoes so I went with it. So yes go for the 3! They're from ASOS I think they're called HIKER so if you search that they should come up xoxo

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