A Little Bit Bradshaw....

Firstly, apologies for the lateness of this post! I always have a dance class on Tuesday nights which means my posts are a bit delayed...sorry!

I was feeling like channeling Carrie Bradshaw today, circa SATC series 5. I figure now I have a short hair cut I may as well work it. So I wore it curly today, It was a bit flattened by my cloche on the way to work but hey, whats a girl to do!

I love this hat, it is so cute. Cue weird looks again, but, who cares!

I added a pretty flower corsage to my wrist. I love how corsages and blooms always come into fashion in spring...perrenial, predictable maybe, but oh they are so pretty!

Cloche: Accessorize, Tee: Quiksilver Woman, Jacket: H&M, Pegged Trousers: H&M, Shoes: Topshop, Belt: Vintage, Watch: Kenneth Jay Lane, Corsage: Primark.

I do love the shape of these trousers, they are the smartest-slouchy trousers I own. And they are so comfy! I like the bit of ghetto gold on the belt too. It is an ironic spin, I shamefully used to wear chains on my jeans back in the day (before I discovered Vogue.)

The scorpion ring I ordered from eBay arrived today, it is amazing! I'm sure you'll see it tomorrow. I am having fun with fashion at the moment, there's so much 'Alice In Wonderland' themed product around...it is cute but I like my style to be a little more independant, even though films and books do influence me. So I like to choose pieces that look striking and then on closer inspection, have another little quirk. Speaking of AIW, I'm going to see it on Saturday (present from the Boy-bless him.) We have the good seats and everything! I'm not sure what to wear though...when I went to see the SATC film I theme-dressed a bit...but I'm not sure if I can do this for AIW...might be a little tooooo much! Maybe I'll make a reference or two instead!
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heartshapedbruise. said...

Love this outfit - I really want some trousers that kinda shape, but I'm bigger than you & not sure they'd be flattering.. You wear them so well!

Can't wait to see your new ring :)


Paint it Black said...

Gorgeous outfit hun. Weird looks come hand in hand with something out of the ordinary I get it myself too I see it now as a compliment but sometimes it can get on your nerves xoxo

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