Just For A Change....

I cannot remember the last time I wore jeans, it feels like months! I'm so into everything else at the moment...harems, pegged trousers, military-esque chino's...jeans just feel wrong! And super-uncomfy! But I thought I'd have a go at wearing a pair for a change today! It seems weird to think that it is 'unusual' for me to wear jeans...aren't they the staple of most people's wardrobes?!Anyway, today I wore a pair of supertight ripped skinny jeans, in a springtime-pale-pastel-blue shade. They were very uncomfy, and kept slipping down! I go back to the harems please...

They weren't really that bad actually, and they did remind me of how much I have missed wearing denim. I picked up a lovely denim shirt in Primark today for a tenner, it is lovely and super super pale bleached blue. I plan to wear it over lots of summer dresses! I also got a pretty straw panama for £3! Primark....it's a rummage, but cripes, there are some gems!
I don't know what happened to my hair today, it has gone bonkers, I think rebelling against being shortened against its will and longing to be reunited with it's extension-compadres.
I must admit I am tempted to start wearing my extensions more often, they are just so bad for your hair. I saw some nice dusty pink ones for sale online and I think they would look nice against my darker hair (though I am going lighter next week...eek!) I might consider trying them out-Giles et al showed a lot of coloured hairpieces on the catwalks this season. Not sure I will be trying Grey like Giles showed, mind you! My only stipulation is that the extensions are human hair....I never seem to get the synthetic ones right-they're always too shiny/frazzled (by accident!) with my straighteners!
Jacket: Stella McCartney, Blouse: Quiksilver, Belt: Primark, Necklace: Bay, Jeans: Quiksilver, Boots: New Look, Watch: Vintage.

Hope you all had a lovely monday! Another week! Sigh!


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heartshapedbruise. said...

Love this outfit - it looks so comfy, even though you said you weren't!
I wore jeans the other weekend & realised it was the first time in AGES - I seem to wear dresses with tights/leggings constantly. But jeans made a refreshing change for me!
By the way, (you've probably noticed from my blog), but I'm a BIG Primark fan!

Thanks for your comment :)


Paint it Black said...

Wow I love your outfit and your Stella McCartney jacket is gorgeous looks fab with the blouse xoxo

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