Hidden Blues....

Well! My photo's are a little dark today as I had to take them at the Boy's before I went to work, so I couldn't put the light on really as he was sleeping, bless him. Didn't stop me from giving him a rude awakening by sitting (full pelt) on his foot....soz Ratters! :(

Denim Shirt: Primark, Tee: Whistles, Broidery Cami: Quiksilver, Necklace: Bay, Jeans: Quiksilver, Boots: New Look.
I could not wait to wear my new denim shirt from Primark, I love it and I'm glad I shopped around..this was a tenner and it is exactly the length and bleachy shade of denim I wanted. I had seen similar ones in Topshop (£28) and New Look (£20) so I'm glad I hung out for this one!

I am wearing it with dark jeans, very double denim (2 jeans in 2 days! Shocker!) and also my New Look boots that I can't seem to take off at the moment, I love them and they are the comfiest heels in the world, well, at least the comfiest I've ever worn! And I have worn a LOT! I am going to wear this tomorrow with a nice Quiksilver dress I think, need to get out of jeans but I've been crashed at the Boy's for the past 3 days so I only have limited clothes here!
I'm also excited to tell you that I've spoken to my very best hairdressing friend and she is going to colour my hair for me next week, so you can expect to see me with a new 'do! And also today I ran into another hairdressing friend who has offered to get me some more hair extensions, as she can get them at a cheaper rate since she is a hairdresser. So I think I will make do with my old ones until I've had my dye job, then see what she suggests after that. I am also still toying with the idea of some coloured pieces, but I'm being very picky about what I want, I would really like pastel lilac which I know sounds vile but I actually streaked my own hair that colour about 5 years ago, and loved it, it's just a lot more current than 'neon' shades too. I had a quick squizz in Claire's on my lunchbreak but all they had were bright shades in a shiny fake-plasticy hair so I gave those a wide berth! I'm sure I'll find what I'm looking for eventually! If anyone knows where to get any human hair extensions in that shade, please give me a heads up!

Can you spot me? Hee hee!
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