Amie In Wonderland......

Well, I'm off to see Alice In Wonderland with the boy tonight, he cooked me a yummy tea and I thought I'd squeeze in a post before we go (perk of living across the road from a cinema!) As I type I can hear a couple having a full on domestic outside the window, calm it down folks!

Since I had to work today I couldn't go all-out Alice, plus thought it might look a bit odd, like the time I accidentally wore a leather vest to go and see Bruno in the cinema, without realising how close to the mark it (embarrassingly) was. But I thought I'd put my own spin on things!

And of course, wear my fab new boots, though socks were definitely required!

The scrabble tile rings are fairly old, I can't remember where I got them but I haven't worn them for ages, I did today and I got a million compliments, so many people loved them, which was awesome, because I do too!

Jacket: Pilot, Hairbow: Topshop, Stripe Vest: Quiksilver Woman, Pegged Trousers: H&M, Boots: ASOS, Bunny Bag: Vintage, Rings: Vintage, Belt: Versace.

Oops I also forgot my very Alice-esque heart watch fob, which I got from Claires for a fiver. I bought it a couple of years ago as Marc Jacobs showed these and I really wanted one but couldn't afford it!

Film review to come, don't you worry!
Have a lovely weekend,
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