2 Looks, 1 Day....

I have 2 looks going on today. These are 'after work' looks, we were going to go and watch a band this evening (me and the Boy) but in the end decided to scrap that for a night in with Hollyoaks and chocolate, much more fun :)

Jacket: Topshop, Dress: Primark, Belt: Reiss, Boots: Topshop

I love this Primark dress, the peter pan collar is so cute on it. And it's very comfy. LOVE!

This interesting (read: dark and impossible to make out) picture was a shot of todays work outfit-essentially as above but featuring Topshop ankle boots and the world's shortest Quiksilver dress-I love this but spent the whole day yanking it down. I could not wait to change out of it, it was one of those looks that I felt uncomfortable in all day. Ugh!
Me, the boy and some friends went for a curry last night and then watched an incredible bhangra band playing which was fantastic. I had a really late night though so was not really feeling outfit stresses! I am definitely going to wear something of less hassle tomorrow!
I also bought a new foundation today. I usually use a nice posh mousse one but have found it is making my skin so dry-does anyone else get that?! So I bought the new Rimmel 'match perfection' foundation, partly because Coco Rocha looks so pretty in the advert (such a sucker aren't I) and partly because I have used a Rimmel liquid foundation before and found that it gives the right amount of coverage for me without looking too oily. Plus, I managed to find the perfect shade-I always make the mistake of buying too dark a colour, forgetting my skin is lighter than I think it is. Anyway, I don't know why I'm banging on about makeup...go to www.makeuptomakeout.co.uk to see how it's really done!
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