What A Day....

Today I was feeling cold and not in the mood for work at all so I decided to wear these gem covered ballet pumps which were an instant mood uplifter! I paired them with my skinny jeans and shoulder padded jumper under this bow blouse. I love black and white together I think it looks so chic.

To brave the chill I wore my leather jacket with a little denim swing jacket over it, I never usually get to wear this in the winter as it has short arms so I was pleased to think of putting it over the denim.

Jacket: Topshop, Leather: Topshop, Blouse: Quiksilver Woman, Jumper: Topshop, Jeans: Quiksilver Woman, Shoes: Topshop, Ring: Primark, Watch: Vintage

Hope you all had a good day!
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heartshapedbruise. said...

I thought I was a bit of an expert layerer - but it's not occurred to me to layer jackets before! Nice one :) Looks cool.
However, thinking about it, wouldn't be a good look for me anyway, as I'm not quite as lovely & lean as you, so would rather resemble a hippo!


KathyGale said...

I LOVE your blouse! really realllllllly cute! I want one! :) xx

p.s. I'm liking the new hair! :D

amie k said...

thankyouuuu ladies! @heartshapedbruise:you should deffo try layering jackets, makes summer ones winter proof! @kathygale: it is a cute blouse, it creases so badly though, I can only wear it one time before I have to wash/iron again...worth it though! Thanks for the hair comment too yay xoxo

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