Twisted Nautical....

Yet more new uniform shots today (yay!) and, fickle as ever, I couldn't decide which shoes to wear....

I adore these boots, the boy bought them for me. They are the perfect fit and height and style...they're just perfection!

Cardigan: Quiksilver Woman, Dress: Quiksilver Woman, Boots: Present from Boy, Necklace: Handmade, Ring: Primark.
Other pics: Pink Shoes: Topshop, Leather Jacket: Topshop, Faux Fur Gilet: Vintage, Belt: Topshop.

This outfit really reminds me of French nautical style in a way, though the stripes would normally be blue and white, and the shoes red! But I think this is a more 'Left Bank' take on the look. I felt quite chic in this today!
I love the necklace too as it adds interest and makes me feel like a mayor as the chain is so long!

The dress has pockets in the side which make it a little more casual for day and it also has a chunky zip down the back. It goes up at the sides too like a shirt hem. I predict I am going to wear this a LOT!
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I'm Heraid said...

You have great style!

Im a one week old blogger hah, check me outtt :]

I'm Heraid said...

Thank you for being my first follower! Made my day! :]]

amie k said...

No problem! Love your blog-it's very cute! xoxo

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