Sunday Sunday....

I love how my Sundays are dominated by bed-ins, I didn't get up today until lunchtime but it was worth it because it was lovely to spend time with the boy and just chit chat and look after him (one too many rums took their toll...!) and then I practically inhaled a toasted teacake and 2 cups of tea, yum! I a glass of wine last night (!) and so was starving when I got back to the boy's, and while he was sensible and had a glass of water and a paracetamol to stave off the headache, I cracked out teacake number 1 and scoffed that whilst all around were scoffing pizzas, garlic bread, cheese on toast (I accidentally wrote toad instead of toast then, which is ironic considering something that the boy told me earlier about his dinner, on the way back up, looking like toad skin, but we'll leave that there!) and other greasy items, I thought a teacake seemed the most sensible 4am hunger-subsider.

Today I just wanted to reeeeelax and so have gone for one of my favourite outfits, which has more than a touch of the 80's about it, I'd go so far as to say I feel I'm channeling a Marty McFly look almost here, but it is supercomfy and you need that on a Sunday, I think you'll agree.

Snood: H&M, Denim Jacket: H&M, T-Shirt: New Look, Trousers: Zara, Shoes: Topshop

Hope you are all making the most of a relaxing Sunday! I'm excited for later as I'm going back to the boy's, and hopefully a lovely friend of mine, Kathy, will be popping round too so we can gossip whilst our boyfriends play shooting games online. It'll be lovely!
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heartshapedbruise. said...

I'm definitely making the most of it being a relaxing Sunday - I go back to work tomorrow after being off for a week, so I've done absolutely NOTHING today - it's been great!

I'm really jealous of your snood. I can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for - but that one is just perfect :)

amie k said...

Why thankyou! I was lucky-it was a birthday present from a very fashionable friend! xoxo

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