Floral Fusion....

Sorry for the lateness of my post today! I have been caught up replying to emails, paying bills, browsing eBay/Topshop/ASOS etc...!Badness!

I felt a bit sad today! It's because the Boy and his band are playing a gig in Oxford, and 2 of my girlfriends (a girlfriend of a band member and another lovely lady) were going with them, and in Oxford lives another wonderful and gorgeous lady who I haven't seen for agesss and I would have just about LOVED to go. But I had to work (pah!) so I wasn't able to make it this time, which is gutting! But I know there will be other opportunities, I just really wanted to go this time....:(
Additionally I have had the baddest hair day today, it has been simultaneously poufy/flippy. Great!

On the upside, I did get to wear a) my new floral jacket and b) my new trench today. Also I took my fave pair of vintage Bally brogues to the shoe repair man, expecting him to tell me to bin them, and he actually tells me they are fixable, and it will only cost £10. Which is lovely! Though he did rip the sole right off one of the shoes, in front of me. I did flinch!

Jacket: Miss Selfridge, Vest: Quiksilver Woman, Trousers: Topshop, Socks: Pringle, Shoes: New Look, Ring: Primark, Bangles: Accessorize Necklace: Bay Mac (in other photo): Tu

I like the mix of florals and stripes, which is a look I've been meaning to try for ages. I like it!

I'm also going to rave about 2 things today: 1. Gerards skin products (My beautician gave me some samples and I'm now totally regretting purchasing the large pot of Clarins multi-active as this stuff is so much better!)
2. Supermarket fashion, I know, can you believe it, I never thought I'd ever endorse anything from a supermarket (other than bakery cheese twists, YUM) but I was very impressed with the selection in my local Tesco branch: Leopard studded sweat:Check, Paint print skirt (looks like a Farhi print):Check, Silk Ruffle Front top for a tenner: Check. I shall be paying a return visit on payday I think...perfect for a recession-hit-crunchionista!

I took this photo below at 6.30 this morning, I thought the sunrise looked beautiful. I am now also inspired to wear peach with navy, what a gorgeous combo!

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KathyGale said...

I enjoyed reading that blog as always.. My favourite bit though... the last photo and how it inspired you to wear peach and navy! :D Thats what I call a great imagination inspiration! xxxx

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