Edgy Blues....

So, my main news today is that I've had my hair cut. Again. Luckily this time I went to my all time favourite, never-fails-me hairdresser who is also a very good friend of mine, we share the same name so it was obviously meant to be! She's had a lot going on the past few months which was why I (stupidly) risked 2 bad haircuts instead of waiting for her to fit me in, anyway, I've now got a lovely kicky bob (via bowlcut central and mulletville) which I'm actually happy with for once. I think it is cute and the grow out should be a lot easier to manage. Isn't it great when you find the right hairdresser? It is like looking for the Holy Grail though, and you have to suffer a lot of rubbish cuts before you find someone who understands your hair.

So since it was my day off, I had a rummage for some things in the wardrobe that I haven't worn yet. I sort of built my outfit around these River Island gauntlets because I haven't had a chance to wear them as yet and leather in any form is so hot right now. I wore them with this vintage bed jacket that my mum bought me from Paris, and some Miss Selfridge printed silky harems which were a tenner in the sale and I love-they are a lot brighter than my photo shows and have a cute leaf print all over.

Jacket: Vintage, TeeShirt: Whistles, Harems: Miss Selfridge, Gauntlets: River Island, Boots: Topshop.

I didn't want to look too childish with this bob cut, I know they can make you look about 12 but I think with the edgier clothing this puts a stop to it. I hope!!

I have had the day off today and (boringtons) spent it washing my car after having my haircut, I realised I hadn't cleaned it since August when the Boy and his ex-band played a festival and I drove there and my car turned into a mud lump, so then I had to clean it because it was gross. But it is all shiny and nice now so I guess it was worth it. I even (get me!) hoovered the inside and cleaned the windows on the inside with some wipes to get rid of the smudges! Totally wishing I was at London Fashion Week instead though and I am planning on trying to blag a press pass for next years event so I can blog from the shows. Here's hoping anyway!
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Paint it Black said...

Gorgeous hun fab harems and what a bargain and I totally love love love the bed jacket I have been looking for a while for a nice one but they are hard to find well done to your mum it is perfect.
You hair looks great too. It is funny how hair can make your day good or bad. xoxo

amie k said...

thankyou! I loved your post today as well the look you were rockin was fierce! xoxo

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