A Blogger Returns...Saturday Part 1...

Blouse: Quiksilver Woman, Navy Top: Topshop, Trousers: Topshop, Boots: Topshop

So, talk about a busy couple of days! It's been a bit strange missing a blog day, I didn't like it! But unfortunately I was just so busy, it was never gonna happen!
Friday night was awesome, the Boy and I and some friends went to watch a gig in a local town and it was dead good, the main band we went to see featured the drummer from the Boy's old band (following?!) and he was really really good, so it was a lot of fun!

So then saturday came and I had to work, as did the boy, and this is what I wore. It was flipping freezing and I woke up at the boy's to find that it was snowing superhard again which made my heart sink quite a bit as, if I'm honest, I've had just about enough of all this snow disruption. Luckily being as I was at the boy's I could walk to work and in anycase the snow had all melted away by lunchtime.

Then Saturday night was upon us and I was really looking forward to this as the Boy's new band were playing in our town, so my friend Harriet and I met up for drinks beforehand and then went to watch the guys in action (Harriet's boyfriend is in the band too.) We had lots of time to swap fashion notes beforehand and she looked splendid in a thrifted Topshop velvet bodycon dress and some kicky little brogues she found in a Charity shop. All in all, a lovely Saturday (except the work part which was boring and the snow part which was stressful...all else was good though!)
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