Be My Valentine.........

So, it's Valentines Eve! This is just a quick post tonight as I've just got back from going bowling with the Boy, two of our other friends came too, it was lovely! And I spent all day doing dance exams (which went well-phew!) so I am now pooped and we're going to watch a film. I thought I'd quickly shared this evening's outfit with you...

I ended up wearing these boots which the Boy gave me for Christmas, though I did dabble with the idea of wearing my hiking shoes with socks. But I thought the boots looked better in the end! The little red package I have there (matched to my lippy, natch!) is a Valentines gift for the Boy (it is also our Anniversary tomorrow!)...lets hope he likes it!

Tee: Whistles, Blazer: Topshop, Skinny Trousers: Topshop, Socks: Pringle, Shoes: Topshop.

Have a gorgeous Valentines Day fashionistas! Hope you get lots of lovely things! I'm off on a shopping trip with the Boy so I shall show you my lovely loot tomorrow!
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Paint it Black said...

Have a lovely day tomorrow cant wait to see what you but xoxo

Paint it Black said...

That should of been buy :) also the ankle boots looked much better but I do love those hiking boots very nice x

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