I might just have bought a pair of boots, which I swore I wouldn't do, since they are 'Over The Knee' and that sort of shoe is usually only ever worn by ladies of a certain disposition performing certain paid antics for certain kerb crawling gentlemen, or whilst wading. And as such, not something I wanted to be associated with.

Until I saw The Pair. I wanted to put a picture in, but I'm not sure how to do that-I might try again in a minute. Anyway, they are: Black suede, pin studded (I'm seeing a theme here-coat and boots matching may just be a bridge too far though..) medium heel, which I think will help with aversions to a lady of the night, rounded toe (almond shape)...beautiful.

Also, they were half price. Which is really a no-brainer when it comes to (usually) expensive suede footwear. I just hope they live up to the hype I've created for them in my head...I got them from ASOS.com, which is probably my favourite online shop after Topshop, but what I like more about ASOS is that there is a 'Life' feature, which is like a social networking section for users-think facebook for fashionistas and you're about there. Anyway, I write a lot on there and have a good group of fashionable friends who are always on hand with fash advice/help...like, for example, how to wear over-the-knee boots. Its ace.

Since I have been pretty much snowed in today, I sorted out my wardrobe (s) a bit....one is now leaning at a rather alarmingly jaunty angle, and, if I'm honest, they look a bit like they're both about to give up. I can't afford to replace them (being as I've bought boots instead, I'm all about priorities, me) so they'll have to do until the boy allows me to share a bit of his wardrobe space (though I'm sure he won't want to risk the inevitable 'wardrobe-overtaking' that is bound to follow if I leave more than a pair of clean pants and some pajamas at his house.) Though come to think of it I'm missing a couple of tops...and some harem trousers...hm. So whilst I say I have two wardrobes, in reality I have two wardrobes, and clothes all over the place.

In typical reality show fashion, I've taken some 'before' pictures...you'll have to wait til tomorrow for the 'afters.'

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