So I'm landlocked at home (again) because of a) the poxy weather and b) the fact that I live on top of a hill. A house move is now the highest thing on my list of priorities, however, in the interim I'm trying to make the best of this situation because despite the money I'm losing from missing work, I am actually able to blog in my slippers, which is a fair swap I'd say. The worst of it is that whilst I'm stuck here I can't see the boy, but since I had to be practically evicted from his flat after New Year, since I'd stayed there so much, I'm sure he's thankful for the break!

Isn't it funny how a little bit of snow brings Britain to a standstill? On the upside, poor weather does give me the best excuse to wear my tweed and faux-fur trapper hat, which the boy gifted me for Chrimbo (amongst many other fantastic things!) And also, I've been able to cash in on an early start which would otherwise be spent on a commute by updating my Twitter list and knocking off all the old stiffs who I followed by accident when I joined up (Tila Tequila? Jack Osbourne? Yeahhh, see ya) and instead follow a whole bunch of people with more interesting things to say (NyLon mag, Lorraine Candy, ASOSNat, WhatKatieWore, etc.) If you want to follow me you can @amieisdancing, I am trying to update my tweets with some sort of regularity but since I can't tweet from my phone (don't know how/think it costs) I can only do it when the internet allows.

Next stop for this stupid wasted day: Facebook friends. I'm thinking, if I didn't actually see their face in 2009, they're off the list for 2010. Brutal, yes, but, like a wardrobe full of clothes of which you wear only 20% in rotation, unused and unseen friends are a pointless addition. Time for a spring clean: dust bunny friends, consider yourself hightailed.
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