Man Alive....

My dear friend Hollie sent me this image of Kelis to blog about, she thought it would give me some blog fodder and she's right!

Honestly, what was she thinking!? Don't get me wrong, I loveeee Kelis, particularly the 'I hate you so much right now' era ('I saw your red coat, and you're caught out there...') Love the fashion vs Angry Sista juxtaposition...maybe she ought to have sung that to her stylist after this monstrosity.

I also lovedddd her Milkshake flavoured comeback and was gutttttted when things didn't work out with her and Nas. Boo Hiss Boo to that.
But Kelis. Girl. Please. I just want to take that IHYSMRN red coat, and chuck it over this hideousness to save my retinas from the inevitable burn that is bound to ensue.

This is a classic case of catwalk NOT filtering down to the masses in any real way. Look at the shoes. The Shoes! I know! They are McQueen, and by dint of this, ought to be fabulous, and yes, on the catwalk, they are pretty gasp-inducingly fierce. But in real life? With a flesh coloured catsuit, facial chains and studded headpiece? I'm sorry, but she is one small step away from being mistaken for an Avatar extra. And that's never a look to be channeling, no?

Kelis is undeniably fierce, God love her, and props to her for rocking such an 'out there' look. Maybe in the future though she can skip the alien shoes and the Statue of Liberty-esque headpiece and get back to being the hot angry mess that we all know and love. Oh, wait a minute...
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ZANAH said...

The Fashion Police should had taken notice! :) Mon Mode Blog

Paint it Black said...

lol I did not think anybody would actually wear those shoes

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