Crazy Legs And New Computers....

Today I was a bit unsure what to wear and as it turned out I got it completely wrong because I thought the weather was brightening up today, which it was, but also turned supercold and so I ended up freezing all day, not a good look!

I was going for a 'tribal' look today which involved these crazy leggings, to which my dad exclaimed on sight: 'Oh look, she's got her ski pants on!' I'll be honest, it wasn't the only legging-related comment I had all day!

But I'm getting ahead of myself...the big news of the day is that I have finally managed to sort myself out a new computer. YES! It is very cute, very teeny (bought only for blogging, really) and so much speedier and better than my old massive lump of a machine that calls itself a 'laptop' but really is akin to a desktop computer but without the oversized monitor or half decent processor speeds. The things I'm most excited about re: my new computer are a) it has a down arrow key (!) and b) it is PINK! yay, not a barbie yuk pink but a really nice pale pearly shell pink. This only begs the question, should I now purchase a Mulberry Netbook holder to keep it looking so spiffing......?!

My outfit today: Leather Jacket: Topshop, Snood: H&M, Cardigan: Topshop, White Shirt Dress: Quiksilver Woman, Leggings: Topshop, Gloves: Present from the boy, Socks: Pringle, Peep Toe Cut Out Boots: ASOS, Belt and Watch: Vintage, Rings: Primark. For work I had to switch in my flattie tassled boots which are from Oasis. I was going to put a feather in my hair, but thought this would be too ironic, so went for a simple headband instead!

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Eri said...

Hello there,

You have a relly nice blog and I am glad I came across it.

Please have a look at my page too.

See you soon.

Eva said...

Why too ironic? :) It's a pretty accessory.

Paint it Black said...

Love those leggings I totally love your outfit and of course the snood. xoxo

amie k said...

Ahh, thankyou lovelies...I only thought a feather would be too ironic as I was wearing a lot of 'tribal' esque items and I didn't want to channel the pocahontas look!! I do wear feathers sometimes I've got a lovely cute feather headband, they are pretty accessories! xoxo

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