Cool Commutes....

It was a bit warmer today so I was able to wear fewer layers than normal, which was nice! It wasn't that warm though (I saw a crayzeee person wearing flipflops, the loon!) I did wear my fave chunky cardigan again, but I was able to wear it over a silk mix blouse instead of my normal 3 other jumpers...nicely fitting with the nude colourways trend at the moment and also the blouse has ruffled sleeves which nods to another hot trend of the moment.

I accessorised my cardigan with this awesome badge which the boy made and gave me. He drew the bird, how good is that?!

My post today was going to concentrate on being about my 'commute' clothes, you know, what I wear to walk to work and back in. I always wear a decent coat (usually as I'm so blimming cold!) and just lately I've been using a large bag to carry my stuff in because I stay at the boy's alot and so always have a lot to carry! (spare clothes, shoes, etc!) The photo above shows my fave keyring, (they are set to be big again this year...see: Bag charms at Louis Vuitton, yes please) and I think it ramps my bag's cred up a notch (the bag is only from Primark...!)

These are new earrings too they are also from Primark :)

Cardigan: Quiksilver Women's, Blouse: Quiksilver Women's, Earrings: Primark, Belt: Primark, Jeans: Topshop, Hair Flower: Dorothy Perkins, Boots: Topshop, Bag: Primark.
I know this picture is similar to the outfit I wore yesterday but I've been staying at the boys so I've had to make my clothes work harder!
I had to take this photo at work as there were no mirrors to commandere this morning! Luckily the boy has offered to take some snaps of me tomorrow so hopefully you'll get to see a better picture in tomorrows post!

I've decided I'm going to subscribe to Vogue as well, I've had a really good offer sent through so it would be foolish not to take up on it! I already subscribe to Elle and buy Vogue every month it makes sense!!
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Paint it Black said...

I have left an award for you on my blog xoxo

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ooooh you're good to me! xoxo

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