BoHo, No Go, HoBo, So So..

So a friend of mine recently suggested I write a blog about Hobo style, more to make his stylistic choices seem slightly more au fait with current trends, I think, but also mainly because he thinks that by not cutting his hair and wearing his dads duffel coat he will single handedly start a fashion revolution. And actually, he might be onto something. Not being one to stand in the way of a fellow fashionista (or maybe fashion-mister,) I have been doing a little research into hot trends for S/S 2010. And here's what: Duffel coats are OUT. (kidding)...but actually, summer could see a return to the hobo/boho look so coveted by Sienna Miller circa 2005 (pre-haircut and Jude Law-suit) BUT, and here's the rub: there will be a considerable updraft in the trend, challenging the usual 'just messy' look: "daytime" boho/hobo will be more about slouchy tailoring, fitted pieces in nude and pastel colours with tough accents (read: pale nude chiffon tops with silk harems, a fierce shoe, and skinny studded belt), and for the "nighttime" take think "hot mess"....more Taylor Momsen and Ashley Olsen, though, with leather, red lips and scruffy hair, and less Britney 'n' Paris on a night out (remember: one fishnet tight leg each is not a look to covet, anytime, anyplace). You heard it here first.

So I think smart hobo could be the look to channel for spring summer. I for one just can't wait til summer comes around again anyway, and the threat of being stuck at home (or at anypoint having to wear a duffel coat) is completely dashed.
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