Accessory Addict...Again....

I absolutely LOVE accessories of any kind and how they can totally change the look of an outfit. It's crucial to me to accessorise well, great accessories can make or break an style and they can really pull a look together. I hateeeee looking 'matchy matchy,' I think this can be great on a really 'put together' girl like Victoria Beckham or Cheryl Cole, (who pretty much lead that whole glossy posse), but I like my accessories to be a bit edgier and a bit of a talking point. I guess because my style is a bit eclectic I just don't feel like I could pull off a look where your shoes, belt and bag all match-for me that's just toooooo 'done.'

I love cocktail rings, especially statement pieces. I call this my 'Toffee ring' because it looks like a giant piece of toffee. I love the amber effect, it was only about £1 from Primark and I wear it loads, its so unusual.
This cuff was a recent addition from Topshop, I like to wear it as a wrist cuff or further up my arm, as it's hinged, for a 'tribal' vibe.

You might not believe me but I've had my nameplate necklace for 8 years, it was a present from my mum and dad for my 18th. So when I realised Carrie Bradshaw had one too it was cool but then I did think everyone would think I copied her....oh well, I love it anyway. It has been broken 3 times, and the last time it broke I was so gutted I had it put on a very expensive chain which actually costs more than the necklace did! But I love it, so it was worth it. I never take it off. The swallow necklace I got yesterday, it was a late Christmas present from one of my best girlfriends. She knows my taste so well! I usually wear a locket that the Boy gave me which also has swallows on it too.
My watch is a vintage mens one that I got from a charity shop for 99p. It breaks all the time, but I love it, it reminds me of a porthole on a ship. Its big and has dashes around the face which helps as my time-telling is not great!!
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Paint it Black said...

Thank you the lovely comment you left on my blog.

About the tights I get them from Topshop and H&M the secret is to handwash them gross I know but it makes them last longer.

Great post I can't believe that toffee ring is from Primark. I agree about matchy matchy xoxo

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