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Earrings: Freedom At Topshop.

I love accessories at the moment and how they can completely change the look of your outfit. I've had my hair cut short recently which is something I really regret as I miss my long hair but on the upside, it does mean I can put lots of clips and headbands in to make it look a bit interesting while it grows out.
I'm also loving like really ghetto gold jewellery at the moment because I'm wearing a lot of black at the moment (don't know if its the weather, or just that I seem to be bored of everything in my wardrobe at the minute so I'm wearing mostly black because its easy, but I do love mixing textures in the same shade, so like with the outfit below, wearing shiny skinny trousers with a jersey blazer and a sequin top is a good way of combining textures within the same colour group.

I love the look of this pearl bracelet which was a present from a friend against the tough look of the trousers. Ring: PrimarkThese gold bracelets were a present from another friend and the watch was a mens one I bought from a charity shop. Flower Ring: Topshop

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Lina said...

Ahh I love your accesseries! Spesh the flower ring and hoop ear rings! Where are the hoopies from please? xx

amie k said...

Hoopies are from Toppers my love! Any news on the boots yet? I'm dying to know! xoxo

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