Fashion Focus: Miss Kathryn...

Here is one of my most gorgeous friends working her style for the camera (I made her do it, but I think you'll all agree, she looks hawwwwwt):

This is the lovely Kathryn. She is one of those girls who always looks effortlessly stylish, perfectly put together, and never has smudged lippie/chipped nail varnish. How she does it, I don't know, but rest assured she does, and with style.

She is rocking a gorgeous, rather gothic-chic lacey purple/blue topshop bandeau dress with a full skirt and corset style top. We quizzed her on the price of this and lets just say: It was worth the outlay. Sister is smokin!

Her cute cardi is by New Look and perfectly lowers the tone of this dress which, worn with the wrong accessories, could become a bit prom-y. Not so here, as you will see, the opaque tights and supertall platform heels make her look super tall and like she has endless legs. Lucky!

Her chain strap bag is (I think) vintage, same going for her gold jewellery and watch which lift the outfit into the realms of the superstyled. Kath later added a cute paisley scarf to this combo for a) added warmth and b) a little eclectic hit, and she looked smashing. And I think several boys thought so too!

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