Fashion Focus: Lovely Laura.... looking simply stunning here in her saturday night party outfit:

Now Laura is one of those girls who is just achingly hip. I remember before I even met her, 5 or so years ago, I'd see her walking around town and think, 'who is that stylish girl?' Style mavens such as herself are a rarity in my small town...I'd always want to ask her where she got her outfit from, who did her hair, etc, etc. So when we finally did meet and become friends it was lovely (and refreshing) to meet another lady so innately consumed by fashion as myself. Countless hours were spent discussing various issues of note: Elle covers, Kate Moss for Topshop, the most obscene amount you could spend on a shoe. If we went on seperate shopping trips to the big city, I would ring her if I saw something I knew she'd like, 'Shall I buy it for you?' and vice versa. Laura is my stylish touchstone, and more to the point, she never, ever gets it wrong.

Here she is rocking her second outfit of the night (another thing I love about her-she's never afraid to make a last minute costume change, shake things up a little..) Disregarding the initial look of skinny jeans with jersey cupped corset top (which looked very cute) she decided instead on this gorgeous vintage beaded tunic dress (borrowed from Kathryn) worn in an insouciant way with a gold Casio vintage watch (I am insanely jealous of it) and opaques and stunningly high (eye-wateringly so) platform courts with a pencil heel which are Primark but squint from a distance and they could be Louboutins, either way, they are incredible works of art which looked amazing and absolutely killed her feet (I tried them on in the name of research, and I can confirm, my centre of gravity left the room).

The handbag she is clutching there is one of Kath's classics, again I think it's a vintage one, and worked really well with Laura's overall look. She took the dress down a peg or two with her best charity shop buy, a vintage Levi's denim jacker which she rolled the sleeves on and looked ace. I love her hair and makeup here, and how she has left accessories to the minimum to allow the dress to have its moment. Show me a girl who can wear this combo without looking try hard, and her name will be Miss Laura. Well played!
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